We are Lucy & Dave, the owners of Funky Fox Clothing and the proud parents to three children.

We both have careers in different industries and for a long time have toyed with the idea of working together to create a family business that would allow us to spend more time with our kids and importantly, to create them a nice, secure life for the future.

We created Funky Fox Clothing as we know all about kids clothes being parents! We wanted to create a place where it was easy to find some of the best small UK brands that are unique, well made and designed for everyday situations like preschool or rock pooling or even just a trip down the shops!

Our children have helped us all the way through the set up of this business from stamping our packaging with a “recycle me” stamp to picking lines of clothing and even taking some of the photographs that appear on our marketing and website. This is a family company, run by adults but very much run for our kids!

We hope you enjoy!

New Products

We love to highlight some of the amazing designers we work with


Mini Stripy Long Sleeved Tee

Stripes, stripes everywhere!! The mini stripy long sleeved tee is perfect for everyday use but also suitable for that little bit more formal event.  Made from super soft organic cotton it also washes like a dream!

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Star Giants T-Shirt

Struggling to identify the constellations in the sky on a cold winters night?  Then buy your little human this long sleeved T-shirt and never have the problem again!  Or if that isn’t a problem buy it anyway as it’s super cool!

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Autumn Forest Playaway Dress

The colour, the style, the pattern and the feel…..all just perfect.  This Autumn Forest Playaway Dress really is beautiful whilst not being overstated.  Perfect for any occasion.

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Falling Water Playaway Dress

Never has rain looked so cute and pretty.  This Jersey style dress is made from lovely thick organic cotton making it suitable for all occasions.

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Featured Designers

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