We are Lucy & Dave and are proud parents to three children and spend our days down in Devon mostly walking our 3 dogs and chilling by the beach.

We both have careers in different industries and for a long time have toyed with the idea of working together to create a family business that would allow us to spend more time with our kids and importantly, to create them a nice, secure life for the future.

We created this company as we know all about kids clothes as we buy them! We wanted to create a place where it was easy to find some of the best small UK brands that are unique, well made and designed for everyday situations like preschool or rock pooling or even just a trip down the shops!

Our children have helped us all the way through the set up of this business from stamping our packaging with a “recycle me” stamp to picking lines of clothing and even taking some of the photographs that appear on our marketing and website. This is a family company, run by adults but very much run for our kids!

We hope you enjoy!

New Products

We love to highlight some of the amazing designers we work with


Green Daisy Pinafore Dress

Completely unique we don’t think we have seen anything like this before from any of the major brands. The quality of the material and stitching is first class and the pattern itself fits into any season. This pinafore dress has a real vintage feel and is suitable for wear at almost any occasion.

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Little Duck Dress

Made for special occasions in mind you can see the love and attention to detail that has gone into this dress. We like stocking items that can’t be found elsewhere and we know that no other retailer has this dress, so for now we are keeping it all to ourselves! The duck pattern is really nice and not over stated with the dress being finished off with a lovely bow at the back which is removable if required.

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Heart Pinafore Dress

It was a picture of the designers daughter in this dress that caught our eye and made us want to work with her. This little pinafore dress is super cute and really well made. The pattern is very vintage and the cute little love heart pockets are perfect for storing sweets or toys!

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Cute Sheep Dress

This dress is super cute and is absolutely perfect for a party. The little sheep pattern is amazingly bright and vibrant and the quality of materials and stitching is amongst the best we have ever seen. We are proud to stock this and already know that this is going to be a best seller

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Featured Designers

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